It’s 8 degree out there today..! almost spring-like.. 😉 I didn’t even have my winter jacket on…! woohoo..!! But i know.. it’s only a trick.. coz’ this weekend.. it’s gonna sux again..! Oh well .. enjoy it while you can eh..??

Ice Pellets

Yup.. it was raining ice pellets..! and boy was it irritating..!! quite painful you know. .when it hits your face..!! ARrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh..!!! and it’s MARCH already..!!! Enough of the cold please.. give us some warm days..!! See i am not even asking for hot days.. just warm.. 😉 slightly warm..??

Cold in March

We are into March already..and yet.. it’s still so cold here. It is given storm warning here.. we already have some snow for a few hours today. It was snowing hard for a few hours at least. They say Winter begins officially in December only .. but it’s not true.. in Nova Scotia. Winter starts … [Read more…]