Shovelling snow is therapeutic for me.. hahha!! i know .. some may say i am crazy… but i do like to do some work.. using some strength sometimes.. hahha!! Now if only it wasn’t that time of the month..!!

Snowing Hard

It’s snowing hard today.. !! I just finished shovelling the snow .. from outside our store.. and it’s already all covered with snow again..!! Brrrrr….!! Temperature is at minus 5 and winds at 20Km/h. Gonna be a boring nite at the store..!!!

Turning Cold

The weather is finally turning cold now here. We have been really lucky this year.. because the weather had been thus far nice. -5°C Overcast. Light flurries. FEELS LIKE -13°C WIND NW 33 km/h GUSTS 46 km/h RELATIVE HUMIDITY 68% DEWPOINT -10°C PRESSURE 100.49 kPa VISIBILITY 16 km CEILING 2500 ft Tomorrow, we are expecting … [Read more…]

Fruitless Day

It was pouring the whole day .. thus making running errands fruitless.. !! I can’t decide if i like the rain better or the snow..??!!!???

Bad Storm

We are having a really bad storm here..with lightning..! We already lost power a few times ..this evening.. but only for a second. It is blowing really hard out.. and it damn cold..!! Tomorrow will be the fun part.. shovelling of snow..!! Bah..!! Did i tell ya i hate winter..??

Snowing Again..!

It’s snowing again today.. and i hate it..!!! It’s so cold.. and i hate shovelling the snow..!! Our morning worker had to shovel for the last 2 days.. i’m hoping.. she doesn’t need to do any big shovelling.. because it can be very tedious.. and tiring..! And it has gotten dark really quick too.. and … [Read more…]