The Things She Remembers

We were watching a movie – Twilight to be exact the other day .. while putting her to bed and guess what she popped up and said?? “Isn’t that Keegan’s favorite movie..?? Isn’t Edward cute..???” *slap forhead* .. see lah.. that girl.. where she learned all that from..?? So i asked her.. how did she … [Read more…]

BatGal Chloe

As you all know, we bring Chloe with us to work since the day she was born. Well, not exactly.. when she was old enough.. maybe 8 months or so. But you get the idea right..?? and we have to think of things to keep her busy.. before the babysitter comes in the afternoon after … [Read more…]

Pretty Cool Kid – Most Times

Chloe is a pretty cool and awesome kid .. 99.9% of the time. You can bring her just about anywheres.. and she will behave herself. From restaurants to movies or even on vacation¬†, anyone who sees her.. would think what an awesome kid. She even helps do laundry.. without being asked to. She just loves … [Read more…]

Crazy Days

Spring break is half way thru’ and it had been crazy at the store. We have been having great weather of late.. and had expected everyone to go out .. and get some fresh air .. and do some outdoors stuff. But nope.. apparently, no one wants to go out .. !!!! we need to … [Read more…]

Parenting 101

It’s amusing when you see how some parents “teaches” their kids. Say for example, your kid was doing something you deem “illegal” .. like say.. buying a lighter. Would you storm into someone’s business and tell them off..?? or would you sit your kid down.. and talk sensibly to the kid..??? Good parenting is doing … [Read more…]


Poor Chloe .. woke up at 1.40am with the same kinda nightmares again..! this time.. it wasn’t so long the crying.. but PB carried her and walked her around.. the whole time. She then want to stay in the tv room PB gotta sleep on the couch with her. Bummer..!