School Bully

It had been a rather trying week for us last week because Chloe was punched by a classmate in her pre-school on the chest. At first, we didn’t think too much of it.. till in the evening, when we got home.. and got ready to bathe her .. and i saw a slight bruise on … [Read more…]

Best Friends

Chloe’s best friend is Dominic. In fact, they were born at about the same time. Dominic’s mother and I got pregnant at about the same time. I still remember the day i announced my good news.. to Claudette..but Claudette was in to tell me about her good news… but stopped herself. It is truly hard … [Read more…]

Sniffles Again

The lil’ brat started having the sniffles yesterday, and of course like any parent, we are on the red alert . .hoping she won’t get any temperature with her sniffles. The teacher in school was very encouraging and had said that with all the germs she is getting, she won’t have to fight it next … [Read more…]

Going To School The Hannah Montana Way

After watching the Hannah Montana movie, Chloe decided she wants to be just like Hannah Montana – Miley. Yes, she can sing Hannah Montana’s song and all. Kids just picks up .. just about everything and anything. Oh well.. as long as she is happy eh.. i guess.??

Babysitter & Court

The babysitter had a court date that requires me to be a witness. Long story short.. it’s because of her ex-b/f and the ex-b/f’s new g/f. Apparently, this had been going on since they broke up. It was a case of you said what and she said that .. that ultimately led to me believing … [Read more…]

Easter Monday

Easter Monday .. but we had to open the store.. just because we feel obligated to some of the customers.. who wants to spend their Easter money. Chloe went to the movies with her best friend .. Dominic .. and the babysitter. They had wanted to go on Sunday.. but the timing wasn’t right.. so … [Read more…]