So we went bowling on Sunday .. but that’s only because we had a birthday party to attend at the bowling alley. I missed the bowling alley near the Miami beach hotels. where the bowling balls are of normal sizes. The bowling balls here are mini sizes. I had wanted to get Chloe her own … [Read more…]

Back To School

So after a week of being sick .. she is finally back to school again. This week, we didn’t have any problems.. *fingers crossed*. In fact, this evening when she came home, she said she didn’t need to bring my photo to school anymore.. because she can use her imagination .. and her memory .. … [Read more…]

Fitting In

It’s funny how as parents.. we think that by getting our kids to take the same kind of activities as their friends.. or the neighbour’s kid is the right thing to do. I for one am trying very hard not to be that “kaisu” mum – in fact, we only put chloe into dancing class, … [Read more…]

Then & Now

It was a chilly day today.. and it almost seems like winter is heading our way.. even though it is only September. Sometimes it seems like we don’t even get advance notice that winter is on it’s way! It is not like Old Man Winter passes out business cards! We were out in the mall … [Read more…]

Babysitting Jessica

Chloe had gotten sick again .. this morning.. so we kept her home. I was torn in between going to be with Yen .. in the hospital.. to help her with her new born baby .. or to stay with Chloe. I stayed with Chloe most time.. till Kate came.. and then went to the … [Read more…]