Ronald Macdonald’s Time

So we continued on our quest to try and feed chloe with different thing – so this Sunday – we brought her to McDonald’s for breakfast – but as usual, she only ate half a pancake and a bite of the hash brown. She was more interested in playing with Ronald – more than eating … [Read more…]

The Fussy Eater

By now – you all know that I have a very fussy eater on hand. Unfortunately, for us – the school do not seems to understand how fussy our lil’ brat is – therefore, we try to order lunches for chloe from school – when we see something that she might eat. And if she … [Read more…]


Many of you would know by now that I have a famous neighbor – yes that one. You would think that after pulling a stunt they did like 4.5 yrs ago, they wouldn’t want to have anything to do with us eh. But nope – every time we turn around and when we least suspect … [Read more…]