Celebrating The Small Stuff

Did I tell you that I’m a helicopter mom? Yup ! that’s me alright! and although PB never ever tell me not to do anything – whether I’m being overly protective or overly alarmed or immediately jumping up to help Chloe when she falls, gets upset that her friends don’t want to play with her … [Read more…]

I’m The Indulger

Parenting style – so I was reading Today’s Parents and I asked PB what he thinks my parenting style is ? Am I a balancer? A dictator? An Indulger? The Pushover? – in which – PB replied that I was an Indulger – hahahahaha!!! I thought I was the balancer – but apparently not. So … [Read more…]

The Past, The Present & The Future

While I didn’t get a Cartier Trinity ring @ $73K from PB – I got one from him yesterday – outta the blue – hhahahaha!!! now aint’ that sweet – or WHAT???!!!?? I wasn’t expecting it – and was taken by surprised that he went to pick the ring on his own and hid it … [Read more…]