Spending Saturdays @ Grammie’s

Chloe has come a long way from being a kid – who won’t go anywhere without us – till now making it a weekly schedule to go visit her grandparents on Saturdays. She has so much fun with them -she usually asked to stay longer till we close shop on Saturdays. She haven’t had a … [Read more…]

Pleasant Visit For Chloe

Chloe’s school friends came by to visit yesterday and they stayed a bit for a chat and to eat some donuts and hot chocolate. While i did my work – they were chatting, playing and eating at the same time when one talked about Justin Bieber and said that he was a two – timer … [Read more…]

Weekend Shopping

We are heading to the city this weekend and I can’t wait – it’s long overdue – and we should have gone to the city in April for my birthday. Unfortunately, because of my dentist (filling caused me so much pain) – we didn’t go at all. I’m going to be having a shopping spree … [Read more…]

Nurturing Your Child

Mother’s day just came and went but I’m still thinking of my mother and my family from home – and how different our style of raising our children are. While of course, my mother didn’t have friends and family who are supportive – I’m more blessed with PB – his family and lots of friends … [Read more…]