Rainy Season

 We just got back from lunch at the Chinese Restaurant and it was drizzling a little but we also noticed that there were water leaking thru’ the window’s at the restaurant and wonder if the owners knew about it. The  window replacement newport news va  would be the place to introduce them to if they … [Read more…]

Professional Day Means Play Dates

School just started and already there is a professional day, so like usual we have to keep Chloe occupied and after lunch I called one of my gal pal to ask if she wants to go to the park in the evening.  But we learned that her mother wasn’t feel good, so I offered to … [Read more…]

Taking Care Of Myself First

All my years in Canada especially after having Chloe, I’m constantly doing something for her or for the business and our home.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with it but given the recent event with a friend living here for the last 10 yrs and her recent development with her ex, I feel a … [Read more…]