Balanced Diet

We do try to teach her to eat a balanced diet – even when she is at school – we stick a few strawberries on stick to make it interesting enough for her to wanna eat fruits.  And sometimes she does it herself like today.  I don’t say that she doesn’t eat junk but we … [Read more…]

She Confuses Me

Yes! this is exactly the state I am in with Chloe’s teacher – she does confused me.  Why?  well, the other day, I had sent a message with the TA – to ask her to speak with Chloe about another student who might be accidentally hitting Chloe during line up if he was not careful.  … [Read more…]

Another New Year

Yes, it’s already 2013 and it’s another new year for me here in Canada.  Chloe just turned 9 yrs old without her Grammie for the first time to celebrate with her.  It’s quite sad – and I’m filled with memories about Grammie when she was around, I didn’t expect to be so affected by Grammie’s … [Read more…]