Birthday With Friends

Jessica is 7 years at the end of the month and to celebrate her birthday, this year she had it at the bowling alley and the party at her own restaurant of course.  Makes no sense to have food somewhere else when you have your own restaurant right?  Both Chloe and Jessica grew up pretty … [Read more…]

Computer Problems

Sorry I haven’t been online for a lot this summer, been busy with the lil’ brat of course and also had some computer problems, so was  reformatting hard drive  and doing all sorts of virus scanning before we said, I give up and reformatted the computer.  But while we were at it, we decided to … [Read more…]

Not Very Domestic

I’m not very domestic and worst when it comes to gardening.  After living in my house for 8 yrs, I finally have a flower bed and it had to be made by someone !!!!  failure – hahahhahaa!!  too expensive to pay for a flower bed like that $200 but I guess everything cost money – … [Read more…]