Changing A Life

I don’t really see it as changing a life but more like paying forward but yes, I received a thank you card from the kid I had been sponsoring for years.  It all began way before I even met PB and after migrating to Canada, I felt more for these kids because God have been … [Read more…]

I’m So Proud

I’m so proud to call you friends  because it seems that only my friends back home can understand the humor like the poster above.  My g/f has a kid who has Asperger and instead of wallowing, she had taken time to educate the teachers/principal in her kid’s school and help mothers with kids like hers. … [Read more…]

I Feel Bad For You Mom !

My ! my !!  I have a really good kid !  why?  yesterday was anti-bullying day and usually the school will take the kids out for a walk with their pink clothing.  Usually, they take the route to downtown but this year they took another route.  Yesterday morning, Chloe had asked if I was giving … [Read more…]

Corporate Branding

I’ve just finished working on a corporate branding for a company in the States and this job was a referral job from a company that I had worked with last year.  Corporate branding are so fun and they actually makes the most money.  Sure it’s a lot of work but the caliber of the people … [Read more…]