New Toy For PB & Chloe

Yup!  A PS4, just came by courier yesterday with the rest that was ordered to sell in the store.  PB kept 1 for himself and the rest was picked up and sold out first thing in the morning.  So it was a really busy morning for us at the store – actually midnite launch at our store.

We got ours at a wholesale price – the JOY and PERKS of owning your own store I guess, plus since we had 150 in order for our regular customers and all were paid for in advance, it was a really deal for everyone.  I never object to anything that PB wants to buy, like I said before, we don’t put what we buy on credit cards, we pay everything in cash even the stock at our store, everything is fully paid for. So no reason to say no to anything he wants because he never stops me from buying anything if I paid them in full.   So this weekend, guess what PB and Chloe will be doing?  hahahahha!