Gifts From Advertiser

I did a review on a night cream for an advertiser in the States and today I received a surprise gift from them.  I wasn’t expecting it because they had already paid me for the video review and beauty products are a sure hit with all my readers on my youtube channel.  But they were … [Read more…]

On Snow Days

Unlike last year, on snow days, we didn’t ship Chloe out to painting classes, instead we do craft work at the store and painting and reading together.  We also did some science experiments with copper wires, magnets and batteries albeit not too successful hahah!  but you get the hint right?  yes, this year we’ve decided … [Read more…]

Gratitude Jar

A girlfriend from Australia posted an article about Gratitude Jar and after reading it, I realized that if I had a gratitude jar, mine would fill up very quickly.  Why?  because I’m always grateful and happy for anything and everything.  I never wake up in the morning and complain that I don’t have enough sleep … [Read more…]