Kid’s Cutlery From Advertiser

I complained to my private advertiser from USA about not finding the right cutlery for Chloe to bring to school for lunch because the only ones I could find were for babies or toddlers.  So guess what arrived in the mail this morning at the store?  2 sets of cutlery for Chloe! woohoo!!  I’m indeed … [Read more…]

Gift From Tokyo, Japan

I’m so touched !  you don’t know how touched I am today ! when the postman came with this huge box of gift from Tokyo, Japan.  You see, my girlfriend from Singapore (home) went on a vacation to Japan and instead of just relaxing and having fun, she bought all these goodies of food and … [Read more…]

Dance Lessons

My bestie is getting married in LA in the summer and PB and I are invited for the wedding.  Guess who they are going for dancing lessons?  The  dance doctor of los angeles  of course!!  so I told PB that we have to take up some ballroom dancing before leaving for LA in the summer.  … [Read more…]