Family Insurance

Yes, yes !  we did buy another house in town for investment , it is currently rented out to a couple who moved from Vancouver to here.  And just the other day, Chloe had asked if we had insurance for all our properties, in which I had replied that we certainly do.  Our current insurance … [Read more…]


For the longest time, I never had time to plant or beautify my lawn or garden.  Plus everytime, I’m ready to do it, the bugs and mosquitoes are in full force.  Last year, a friend made a huge flower planter for us – of course we paid him for the trouble, so this year, I’m … [Read more…]

School Interrupted

Yes, school had been interrupted since last week Thursday.  There was an oil leak in Chloe’s school and we were called to pick Chloe up from school earlier than usual.  Subsequently, we found out that school had to be closed due to health reasons and while some kids may love it, Chloe is so bored, … [Read more…]

More Packages For Chloe

Yes, a package from Gap came for Chloe from her Godma in Toronto.  Yes, more clothing for Chloe for the summer I believe.  We didn’t open it immediately but I had forgotten to take pictures of all the clothes that came for Chloe because we were busy testing out to see if it would fit … [Read more…]