Family Insurance

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Yes, yes !  we did buy another house in town for investment , it is currently rented out to a couple who moved from Vancouver to here.  And just the other day, Chloe had asked if we had insurance for all our properties, in which I had replied that we certainly do.  Our current insurance company is just as good as  allred insurance  that my g/f uses in the USA for all her investment properties as well as health and life insurance.

Chloe is constantly worried about fire and us dying, I have no idea why.  If someone’s place is on fire from out of town, she is afraid that ours could be by a bush fire or an electrical outlet malfunction.  Just this morning, she told me, I hope you don’t die *slap forehead*  I don’t know why she comes up with things like that.  So I told her she don’t have anything to worry about because PB and I have life insurance, health insurance, the houses and cottages are insured, so we are pretty much quite safe.