Musical Instrument Shopping


Yes, we finally bought a real piano for Chloe in Halifax because she had been taking lessons for more than a year now and attended her first recital this year before summer.   And since she is so good at it, we figured we should buy her a real piano.  Truthfully, I didn’t think that an acoustic piano would be so expensive, I was planning to spend like $3500 on it but an entry level acoustic cost about $6500 tax included.  But it is an investment and PB didn’t bat an eyelid paying cash for it.

Of course, he too wanted something from the  guitarcenter  since he was buying chloe such an expensive “toy” , he feels he deserved another one in his collection too.   Well, i didn’t stop him of course, after all he worked so hard for them and he is entitled to spend some money as long as we don’t use our credit card and use our line of credit.  Everything has to be paid in cash and that’s how I am teaching my kid.  If you cannot afford your toys, then don’t buy them.