Learning Music


Chloe had been learning how to play the piano for 2 years now.  Like I tell everyone , had I known that there is a music teacher close to town, I would have sent her for classes much earlier.  Chloe’s piano teacher came highly recommended and thus far Chloe enjoys all her music classes and refuses to miss them unless she is very ill or she injured herself badly.

While I’m sure everyone wants to have a good piano to start with when your child begin piano classes, we bought ours  here, because we didn’t know for sure if Chloe would continue.  Her piano teacher never forced us to change to a more expensive piano or a classical one, she just knew that if we were serious about Chloe expanding her talent , we would in time get one for her.  That was what we did this summer.

So for those who are afraid that they might have to spend thousands of dollars on a piano, you do not have to worry, a digital piano is just as good for beginners and once they are older, you can then get some really good ones for them.  Don’t be deter because you are worried about the cost of both the piano classes and the piano.  Piano classes are very reasonable , I can assure you and most importantly, your kid must enjoy it.