Making The Best Of SnowDays


There has been a lot of snow day of late because we had been getting some whip lash from Mr Winter.  I guess, we are getting all the snow that we didn’t get for the last few years, so it’s payback time for us while Toronto seems to have gotten better weather than us.

So what do one do when you have a snow day?  of course, go out and play with the snow with the kid.  Chloe loves going out in the cold and snowy weather and PB would go out with her like a good daddy when no one is out there with her.  And when the neighbors come out and play, he would leave them alone.

Kids loved having their parents play with them.  Chloe especially loved PB to go out and play with her  because he is the more active parent between the both of us.  When she is at her Grampie’s , her grampie , PB and her aunt helena would go out sledding with her, she looked forward to sledding everytime we get some snow.  This years, she had been out sledding a few times already, so she is one happy kid.  But she doesn’t like too many snow days, because she wants to go back to school.