Results For Term 2 Grade 5


Chloe said she tried her best, so I didn’t turn into monster mom this time – hahhaha!  while the rest of the extended family gave her a pat on her shoulder, I tell them not to spoil  her by praising her, she definitely has room for improvement.


Her teachers are awesome and her syllabus are easy, so she should have done much better this term.  Don’t get me wrong, I know she has done well, but definitely, definitely could do better if she puts in more effort and more practices at home.


I asked her before the parents and teachers meet what did she think her teacher would say about her, and she replied that they would say she is awesome ! hahahha!!  that kid is funny to the max!

I’m very happy that she is very happy in school and with her teachers and peers but I would definitely want to see more effort on Chloe’s end.