It’s hard to find good help as we found out after 16 years in business , the good ones leave for a better paying job and the not so good ones leaves just because or for various reasons.  But we do try our utmost best to treat our employees with the best intentions but I guess we are just not good enough employers.

So when a friend/customer came to help us since last year summer, we are anything but grateful.  After having lived in this small town for such a long time, we really don’t ask for a lot from our employees, so we are really not hard to work for.  But of course, some ex-employees will beg to differ , so when you find one that has a good head on the shoulder, you are grateful.

And when you find out that they are having a baby, what do you do?  go find them a present that is useful to them and the baby.  And one thing I regret not getting for chloe is a baby swing , to swing her to sleep.  The one that we had borrowed from a friend, needed cranking with hands and didn’t have a reclining position.  So poor chloe although went to sleep finally, didn’t have any neck support.  Therefore, we got one of those for our friend who is having a baby.

And a thank you note was given to us this morning, so sweeeeetttt!!  see these are the people you wanna do things for and is happy about doing it.  I’m so gonna love this baby.