Look Who Went Shopping ?


My g/fs from home are very much into Hermes anything.  Usually, they shop together and order all their hermes goodies when one decided to go to Paris or London.  So the one who is going on a trip brings all these goodies back for everyone.

A handbag alone cost close to $25K , enough money to pay for a new car here but my g/fs from home, they buy a few every year.  Envious ?  don’t be !  I never was, because I’ve been there and done that, now I just loved more simple things.  And even with cheaper bags from Roots, I haven’t even open up mine from Christmas.  Yes, I’m  such a lousy user, I buy stuff and store them away , sometimes as long as a year before opening them up again or looking at it again.  No wonder the brat said I need a bigger house.  hahah!