Awesome Gifts For The Kid Going To School


I rant all the time when I see awesome gifts like the above that Chloe could have had when she was younger.  Why?  oh why?  didn’t I find these  personalized toddler backpacks  for Chloe when she was much younger.  Now that she is so much older, she wouldn’t want these cutesy stuff no more.

I used to admire kids who have personalized backpacks and lunch bags and wonder how I can get one for Chloe when she first started school at the age of 4.  But alas, I didn’t find them as easily as one could now on the internet.  I wished I could turn back the clock but of course, you and I know it’s impossible.

So the next best thing to do in my case?  buy them for friend’s kids and kid’s of extended family.  So if you have a niece or nephew going to school for the first time in September, you  can definitely order them now and they will be ready for them before they go to school for the first time.  I know I would appreciate it and kids in his or her school would envy.