My Very First Earthquake


We just got back from the cottage and finishing up a late lunch when we felt the floors rumbled beneath us.  At first I thought it was some heavy vehicle coming down our street and never gave it a second thought.  But PB said it was all over FB that we just experienced an earthquake.  O. M . G. !  I never thought I would experience it here or in my lifetime coz’  I lived in quite safe places around the world.

It lasted like a few seconds and everything went back to normal.  I heard that the neighboring town had it worst than us.  I don’t know what to think to be honest?  Are we still safe here ?  or do we have to do something?  what do one do when one get an earthquake ?  seriously, we’ve never thought about it at all.  But since we’ve experience our very first earthquake, we should most definitely have a back up plan ?