First Day – Grade 6


My dorky little girl is going on to Grade 6 , she is almost 12 years old now, well, a few more months, but it is going to come around soon than I want.  She looks so dorky here don’t she?   Yes, she is growing up , where has the time gone?  She is mostly a good kid but going thru’ pre-teen syndrome  I’m guessing.  She is still fussy with her food, which makes me think that I should have made her eat whatever , like sandwiches and cheese and broccoli , but she is eating quite healthy and not drinking pop and eating sugar like other kids that I know of.

Mostly plays well with other kids and still worries too much about stuff that are not important , like a broken toy and not wanting her friends to go thru’ her toys when they are here on play dates.  I don’t think she is selfish but she loves her stuff so much, she don’t want them destroyed and even though we tell her that it can be replaced, she didn’t want that , because what she already had has sentimental value.  *slap forehead*.   We cannot stress enough to her about not sweating the small stuff but at 11 years of age, it can be quite hard to understand that these are only small stuff.

This year will be her last year in her primary school, that is what we call it back home and for those who donch like the way I call it , that’s your problem.  Anyhow, I know she has a very good teacher like last year and I hope she enjoys her last year and I know that her school is going to do their best to teach her all they can and more and also enjoy her school syllabus as well.   Thus far, her primary school is nothing but the best for Chloe, she has enjoyed every year and looked forward to going back to school after summer.  I’m very grateful for the wonderful experiences she has had thus far with this primary school.