Novice At Fly Fishing


Trouts and salmon are my favorite fish , so when we were visiting a friend during the summer holiday, he asked if we wanted to try fly fishing with him. I’ve never done fly fishing before but I’ve heard a lot about it but I didn’t think I would have great success with it because I think it takes a lot of skill to fly fish. But for some trouts and salmon, we decided to give it a try. He gets great tenkara fishing gear at AvidMax he said and if we were hooked in the future, we can also order them online like he does.

So I was very gung-ho with learning how to fly fish and catching myself some trouts or salmon. So the river we went and it was cold and although my friend was all geared up, we were not. I didn’t think to wear anything too warm because afterall we were going into the water right? But nope ! I should have dressed like them , but no worries, I’m a novice , so no one laughed at me. I was taught how to use artificial flies and how to cast the fly rod, it was all fun. Of course, I tried many times before I even cast the rod properly but we have good friends who didn’t laugh at me but kept teaching me.

I had so much fun and I did get to eat some salmon and trouts even though I didn’t catch any. We had a make shift BBQ on the river banks and had them cooked, best ever meal. I might just take up fly fishing.