Easter Gifting


Well, it looks like the entire town is going on a shopping frenzy for Easter , it’s like Christmas 2.0 PB said this morning but we never really make a big deal of presents for the kids besides some chocolate and a Easter hunt for eggs.  When Chloe was younger, we used to bring her to a church for the Easter hunt, but I think she has outgrown it since a few years ago.  So now , we do the hunt here for her at home and at her grandfather’s .  She still enjoys a good hunt but this year , she has decided that she wants to be the Easter bunny for her friends from the Chinese restaurant.  You see , she treats them like her cousins , so she forked out $25 to buy chocolates and a basket for each of them.

While her real cousin from Singapore wants a  5 string guitar  , Chloe never asked for much.  But how can we not get something for our kid when she is being such a good, generous and thoughtful kid right?  I of course , didn’t have to do anything for PB did all the buying of the chocolate and other things for his princess.  I am quite sure she will have a happy easter this year even though she now knows that the Easter bunny isn’t for real now.  Hopefully, we get to sleep well now that she knows that no Easter bunny is coming to leave her eggs and hide her eggs for her.