Not too bad a movie .. although at first i thought it was gonna be corny and cheesy. But a little bit exaggerated .. when it comes to the babysitting part. But worth watching though.

Ideal Employee

This is my ideal employee. Unfortunately, Mike stays in Halifax now.. a 4 hours drive from us. And his whole family is up in Halifax. And he hates Yarmouth because there is so much drama here. We had the good fortune of having Mike as a p/t employee for 2 yrs because he was in … [Read more…]

Wall of Shame

This is our wall of shame. All these ppl owes us money and ripped us off.. by not bringing back our movies and game rental. In order to get onto my wall .. it will take alot..! That must mean.. that those ppl on my wall of shame are real jerkheads…!!

Cranky Baby

Chloe has been cranky of late… and not sleeping good… because a big molar is coming out. I can’t wait till all the teeth comes out… and she donch have to suffer no more..! Last nite was the worst.. she wouldn’t even let me eat.. coz’ she wanted to be carried the whole time. And … [Read more…]

Comparison Babies

This is for my MIL .. because she had wanted Chloe’s picture at 6 months on this blanket that her daddy had. But i had flipped it wrongly. Sorry mom..! I did try.. and that you have to give me credit.. hahaha!! Now tell me if father and daughter look alike or not..??


Nothing beats getting enough sleep. This morning.. my spouse woke up with Chloe.. so that i can go back to sleep. And sleep i did till 12.30pm ! wow!! right..? Yes wow..!! Chloe haven’t been sleeping the greatest of late.. and because of all the going on. .with my old blog.. not enough workers … … [Read more…]

Canada’s Day

Yesterday was Canada’s Day and it has always been one of the store’s busiest day for selling fireworks and glowsticks. As usual.. my spouse and I have to make sacrifices to be at the store for at least 10 hours of the 11 hours of operation time. This year unfortunately, because we do not have … [Read more…]

An Angel Awaiting Heaven

My spouse’s godfather, Roy, who also happen to be my MIL’s youngest brother.. the baby of the family of 9 siblings…passed away yesterday morning of heart attack. We knew he was hospitalised a few days ago.. but we didn’t think it was that serious to render us to worry about him. Apparently, Roy had told … [Read more…]