Cruiser that belongs to our customer. Cool isn’t it.. ??? This town loves their 2 wheelers.. 🙂

Yer a Good Mum… B U T ..

I asked my spouse what kinda mummy am I.. and he said.. yer a good mummy B U T ……… you let Chloe get away with too many things..!!! I donch agree with that.. because i feel that Chloe is still young… and she isn’t like really BAD or anything.. just loves to “kachou” (disturb/donch … [Read more…]

My First Kiss

Chloe just came over to me.. while i was on the floor watching TV .. and plant a kiss on my cheeks.. for no reason watsoever… hehehhe!! wasn’t tat sweet now.. 😉 But she wouldn’t do it again.. no matter how i coaxed her.. 🙁 Oh well.. mummy just have to be patient i guess.. … [Read more…]


I’ve never seen so many cartoons in my entire life….hehe!! till now of course….. and to the extend.. where i know wats next.. coming up.. in terms of the speech.. hahhaha!! The joy of Motherhood..??

Nada to Blog

I have nothing to blog.. i’m blog dead tonite.. heheh!!! everything is going good at the store.. sales is still incredible..and as usual.. will continue till end of Jan 2005. I look forward to going to the store everyday.. and taking a break from my lil’ monster.. and love coming home to her.. 🙂 Life … [Read more…]

Glorious Day

Wat a glorious day..!! the sun is out.. chloe slept till 9.30am.. didn’t wake up the whole nite either.. and she is having a nap now.. been an hour .. since she went to nap.. thus giving time .. for poor mommy to eat and finish washing up.. 🙂 Papa is at work.. but basically … [Read more…]

Before I Was A Mom

Below is not written by me… but it sure says exactly how i feel.. Before I was a Mom – I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got into bed. I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday. Before I was a Mom – I cleaned my house … [Read more…]

Poor Da-da

Chloe did sleep last nite.. from 9pm.. but woke up several times in between .. till about 9.30pm.. she slept right up to 2.30am.. and then didn’t wanna go back to bed.. and as usual.. squirmed.. and farted alot..and cried alot.. 🙁 Her da-da brought her downstairs.. and dozed off snoring till the morning at … [Read more…]

Worst Nite Ever!!

Last nite was the worst nite ever .. with our baby chloe.. 🙁 She puked twice before 1am.. and another time at about 2am.. and she would cry and cry and cry.. and wouldn’t go to bed.. 🙁 It would almost seems like her tummy was sore .. that she cannot sleep on her tummy … [Read more…]