Child Prodigy 2

Prodigy 2 in the making..?? Click on the link… to enjoy..!! Clapping and saying that she is a good gal to herself..! Narcissit in the makings .. more like it.. eh..??

Tickle, Tickle

Chloe did a really funny thingie last nite.. she went singing tone “dang,dang,dang,dang,dang,dang” .. and she had two fingers sticking out.. and said.. “tickle, tickle” .. hhahhahaha!!! My brat is full of funny things.. ! but seeing her so cute.. how to get mad with her.. for not sleeping and keeping mummy up the whole … [Read more…]

Stubborn Baby

I have a baby that constantly knows how to bully me. Why I say that..?? because it is true. I know i spoiled her.. but not to the extend where she gets everything she wants. I think my mistakes lies on the times.. i wanna keep her calm.. so that she doesn’t wake her daddy … [Read more…]

Ink Catridge

Dude came into the store this evening wanting to buy ink catridge. Dude : Do you sell ink catridges..?? Papa BoK : Yes, what kinda ink catridges do you need..?? Dude : I am getting it for my landlord, it is like this big and slim plastic cylinders. Papa BoK: You just described catridges for … [Read more…]

Meet the Baby Bloggers

Saw an article at 5x Mom blog, so i went over to WuChing’s Blog and thought it would be fun to add my brat’s pic into it too.. but as you can see not alot of space.. heheh!! so Papa BoK did the spiderman thingie for me.. 🙂