Vancouver Lush

I was in Vancouver for work and had the opportunity to visit the Lush workshop there.  Very happy to network with other bloggers and vloggers , learned a lot and of course, Lush was so generous and lots of gifts we were sent home with.   Too tired tonite to write about my experience but it … [Read more…]

The End Of 2014

A few more hours and we will be in 2015.  What will 2015 bring for us ?  I don’t know but 2014 had been a great year for us in terms of business wise and my online work.  The store had been really busy the entire year and my online work had taken a new … [Read more…]


Our theme this year for the holiday season is simple.  Yes, I told everyone from home not to send anything to chloe for both her birthday as well as Christmas.  And if they are planning to give Chloe something, to please use the money for her pressies and give it to a charitable organization.  If … [Read more…]

Halloween Fun 2014

Sorry i took so long to put up pictures of Chloe and her Halloween Night.  She had loads of fun in school as a cat girl and in the evening, we went on our usual route and popped in at Gerald’s and Adele’s and chatted and had candies and so much fun. Look who’s the … [Read more…]