Daily Updates – 06 Oct 2005

The brat slept at 11.30pm last nite in the living room but refuses to sleep in the crib. So down she went on the floor in the puter room at 12.30am. Got up at 6.40am for some milky and diaper change with daddy. Went back to sleep at 7.20am and woke up at 8.25am. Had … [Read more…]

Daily Updates – 5th Oct 2005

The brat slept at 9pm last nite and got up at 10pm. Didn’t sleep till 3am. Got up at 6am and had some milky and went back to sleep at 6.40am but was rolling around for quite abit and didn’t really sleep good. Finally got up at 8.52am. Had abit of honey combs…and had breakfast … [Read more…]

Daily Updates – 4th Oct 2005

The brat slept at 12.30amlast nite and woke up at 2.30am. Daddy gave her some milky and she went back to sleep at 3am. Got up at 8am and had some milky and went back to sleep at 8.50am. Finally got up with Daddy at 10am. Had breakfast and yogurt with daddy. And played with … [Read more…]

Daily Updates – 3rd Oct 2005

The brat slept at 11.45pm on the floor last nite, watching Corner Gas with us. Woke up at 3am for some milky and went straight back to sleep. Only got up at 9am this morning. Had some milky and fruit loops and then had cereal and yogurt. She was pretty good and played quietly till … [Read more…]

Daily Updates – 2nd Oct 2005

The brat slept at 11.30pm on the floor last nite. Woke up at 1.15am, earlier than usual. Had some milky and went back to bed at 1.45am. Woke up yet again .. at 4am and went back to sleep at 5.28am. Woke up 9am, and daddy gave her some milk and she slept from 9.30am … [Read more…]

Good Times

We had such a good time at Grammie’s and Grampie’s yesterday. Our little brat was playing with cats.. and taking walks with Grammie in the garden. And even shake hands with total strangers who were at the fruit stand . .buying vegies from my in laws. She even hugged Uncle Rich for the first time.. … [Read more…]

Messy Brat

What a messy little brat..! had some cookies.. and smeared it all over her face.. hahahha!! now.. donch daddy and daughter look alike here..???!!!??

Keyboard Genius

Loves to pound on the keyboard.. knows how to turn it on and off.. and now even have her own chair to sit in front of the keyboard.. to play with it. She just loves it..!

Banana Brat

The brat started eating banana again.. after not eating it for a long time.. because she choked on it once.

Laundry Brat

Helping daddy with folding the laundry.. ! or just trying to look really cute..??!!?? hehehe!!