Chinese Shows On YouTube

Hahahah!! i just realised that i can watch my favorite chinese tvb movies on YouTube..! yes.. you heard me right..! in fact i am just watching one.. when i am at the store.. and have nothing better to do. So for those overseas.. and can’t get chinese movies.. go to youtube ya..! Still cannot find.. … [Read more…]

Wise Up

My grandmother used to say, one never gets rich by working for someone. But you and I know that working for oneself may not make one rich either. Wise investment like those at Wilmington real estate is what I would definitely invest in if I had the money. Afterall, nothing beats living in a seashore … [Read more…]

My First Time

Wah Lau..!! what are you all thinking of.. huh..?? muahahhahaha!!! not that kinda “first time” lah..!! but first time i played radio bingo..!!! ok.. i lost your attention already right..?? never mind… hehehe!! I played radio bingo for the first time last nite.. and it was hilarious.. coz’ i didn’t played it before.. but then … [Read more…]

Marriage of Inconvenience

What’s up with these TVB shows.. these days..???!!!?? the inserting of the english language.. right in the middle of their conversation.. and it’s not just one or two of the actor or actresses doing it.. it everyone..!!! So un-natural..!! I know for sure.. that most hong kong folks do not talk like that.. except drama-rama … [Read more…]

Edison Chen Sex Scandal

Yes.. what a tool.. the man is..!!! Can’t believed he kept everything on his laptop.. and left it someone to get it fixed.. knowing that he had very private stuff in it. Alamak..!! really alamak..!! And what made me really pissed .. is Gillian Chung because sometime ago.. some skunk took some pictures of her … [Read more…]

I Can Never Be A Doctor

I’ve been following Nip/Tuck from the very first season… and loved it.. and like all addict.. i chase and wait for the next episode. But I also realised that after 5 seasons.. i can never be a doctor.. because of the things they show on Nip/Tuck. Actually quite yakky .. to be honest.. some of … [Read more…]

Wars Of The In-Laws 2

Woohoo..!! i got Wars of In-Laws 2 to watch tonite..!! After PB’s motherboard went bonkers.. since Saturday.. i didn’t have a chance to watch any chinese shows. His computer didn’t wanna work.. and without his computer .. i can’t get any shows working on the xbox. We had to wait for monday.. to order a … [Read more…]