I donch know if you’ve noticed.. but i rarely post about the movies and the chinese movies that i have been watching or already done watching. Well.. that’s because i moved them over to my entertainment blog .. at So if you wanna see what i’ve been watching .. or catch the review.. just … [Read more…]

Have A Chat

Some people are real shy in person. I know so .. because i would never have met my spouse.. if it wasn’t for the internet. He is an introvert.. when i met him. Speaks very little in person.. but a very witty person on the net. So if you are like him, Dallas Chat or … [Read more…]

Ticket Solutions

My brat’s Godma lives in Toronto and this year .. as per usual.. Aunt Helena is up there celebrating Christmas with her whole family. Knowing that she loves musical and plays, we decided to get some Wicked tickets, for her for Christmas. I hear it is a spellbinding musical, Wicked is the untold story of … [Read more…]

Quality Cables

If you all don’t know by now, I am quite technically challenged. If not for my spouse owning a computer/entertainment store, i wouldn’t have any clue about one cables from another. And yes.. they do make a difference.. high quality cables will give you better end results as I soon found later. HDMI cables are … [Read more…]