Vlogging – is a video log. Yes, I’ve been approached by a company/online magazine from USA to be one of their vloggers for a cosmetic/health online presence.  The PR company that I’ve worked with for the longest time worked out all the details for me and they flew me out to New York for a … [Read more…]

Easter Gifts

As I’m sure you all know by now, that I’ve so  many great friends from around the world and some in this town.  So during Easter, we try to get some things for the kids.  This year, I was able to return the kindness of a girlfriend from Malaysia – she had been so good … [Read more…]

Gift From Tokyo, Japan

I’m so touched !  you don’t know how touched I am today ! when the postman came with this huge box of gift from Tokyo, Japan.  You see, my girlfriend from Singapore (home) went on a vacation to Japan and instead of just relaxing and having fun, she bought all these goodies of food and … [Read more…]