Princess Bag

Chloe has got a fairy godmother.. all the way from San Francisco..! A week ago, a big package came from San Francisco for Chloe and it’s not only the princess bag that was in the package.. there were loads of goodies for both Chloe and mummy from none other but Gracie from Grace and Wen..! … [Read more…]

Heart Baking

Saw this cute looking baking pan at Dollarama a few days ago.. and thought to myself.. that’s cute.. and since i’ve never baked a cake before.. i bought the pan.. and decided that i will try my hand with baking. Wish me luck folks..!! hahahaha!!!

Nice Ppl

Having written about being constantly stalked by fucktards of this small town….i have to clarify and let everyone from home know.. that there are really nice ppl here too. For example, on Monday, a regular customer came in to let me know that he was leaving for the city on Tuesday .. weather permitting .. … [Read more…]