Giving Back

My good neighbour is having a baby really soon in say about 8 weeks. We have always had an amicable relationship.. and both husband and wife are the least intrusive ppl we’ve met. They go about doing their own things.. and they never disturb our privacy.. and a very sensible couple i must say. Anyhow, … [Read more…]

Different Upbringings

I was being brought up in a very traditional culture.. where the woman’s clothings must not be washed with the men/boys clothings. It has to be separated.. for it was a taboo .. to be washing them together.. ! Women in my family are considered to be “dirty”, yes. .even by my own mother..! How … [Read more…]

25 Months Old

My Dearest Chloe, You have just turned 25 months old a few days ago. Mummy loves you more and more each day and everyday, I can’t wait to come home from the store.. to see you .. and to be greeted by your loud squealing of “Mummmmmy…! or Dadddyyy..!!” You are such a joy .. … [Read more…]


It doesn’t take alot to make Chloe happy.. most of the time, she is an easy to please little gal.. and like all little gals….. as long as you pay her some attention.. she would be laughing hysterically.. 🙂 that’s my daughter for you .. 🙂


This is a loaner from Gerald and Adele .. Sarah’s parents. I’m forever grateful to them.. because they are always so nice to us.. 🙂 We had asked Gerald if Sarah was still using hers because Chloe just wouldn’t sit still to eat at the store.. so before rushing out to buy another chair, we … [Read more…]

Sunday School

Do you remember the times.. when you try to bargain with God.. by telling him.. Dear Father, if you do this and this… i will go back to church.. i promise or Dear Father, if this and this turn out the way I want.. i promise to go back to church every Sunday. Yes.. that’s … [Read more…]

I Thought Wrong

I thought i had it hard..!! Leaving home..and coming all the way to Canada.. and staying in this “ulu” town.. all in the name of love..for Papa BoK, till i read Gene’s Life as a Married Woman. Actually, I have it real easy.. Papa BoK always.. always tries his utmost best… to please me.. and … [Read more…]

Card from the Heart

Look who sent a hand-made Christmas card to us.. all the way from Malaysia..?? Milly..!!! from Milly’s Diary .. 😉 Thank you Milly..!! it is so thoughtful of you..!! I will keep it always.. and have it out on Christmas every year..! Thank you .. so much.