A Real Christmas

Christmas is just round the corner, and nothing beats or smells like Christmas more than a beautiful and real Christmas tree. In our family, we believe in the good old real Christmas tree but going to a tree farm can be quite taxing because of the weather and if you don’t go early enough, you … [Read more…]

Cash Back Agents

Selling or buying a house..?? Tis’ the season! Real cash back incentives and other perks, from an online service marketplace of top local services and professionals to people like us the consumers. From real estate, automotive, home improvement.. and many more perks. The consumers can benefit by viewing their deals and earn huge discounts and … [Read more…]

StyleHive Handbags

Every woman that I know loves fashion, be it shoes, clothings, handbags, cosmetics, jewelery to name a few. Even my 70 yrs old mother loves to be on top of the fashion scene, the Peranakan style. Some woman loves to collect handbags and others shoes. At this hive community, you get to find out which … [Read more…]

Signs Of Christmas

When you walked into your friendly grocery store.. and you see these… you know tis’ the season..! I love fruit cakes.. ! what about you..?? they have different kinds of fruit cakes here.. from the light.. to the dark.. to the ones with marzipan and the ones with walnut topping. As much as I love … [Read more…]

Super Media Store

SuperMedia is definitely not just your friendly neighborhood media store, but a major reseller and wholesaler of blank CD DVD and any media products in Southern California. They supply a wide varieety of blank CD DVD media, CD DVD packaging case, computer hardware, memory (RAM) , ink and toner catridges. The #1 preferred online store … [Read more…]

A Girl’s Best Friend

I know that it sounds clich├ęd, but diamonds really are a girls’ best friend. Go ahead and try to find a girl that doesn’t like receiving diamonds. Whether it’s diamond necklaces or diamond engagement rings, trust me that you can never go wrong with diamonds, and you can never go wrong by getting your diamonds … [Read more…]

Fish Tanks

For “feng shui” reasons, I have always wanted to put a fish tank at our store, of course with fishes too. I hear that it is good fortune to do it and it also means.. that all the bad “chi” will be blocked by the fish tank and its fishes. Of course one wouldn’t need … [Read more…]