Moon Sand

Toys for kids are just so wonderful and aplenty these days. New inventions comes up everyday, just to keep our kids occupied.. and give us some free time and to stimulate their mind. The new moon sand that is available now is actually a replacement for playdoy and clay. An ideal gift for any kids … [Read more…]

Saving In Buckets

Entering November with Christmas just round the corner, are you wondering where the year has gone…?? I did..! and are you, like us, still paying for last year Christmas expenditures.. and all the presents we were buying for friends, family and our loved ones..?? Well.. you know.. you are not the only one. Many people … [Read more…]

Fruit Of The Month Club

I am a fruit lover and i’m sure alot of people are. Fruit of the Month Club, is just about for anyone and everyone. With every membership, you receive perfectly-fresh, gourmet fruits. A generous, five pound selections feature two different varieties of exotic and seasonal fruit every month, carefully selected and picked by taste-testing professionals … [Read more…]

Xbox 360 Finally for PB

Yes.. ! for once.. PB finally got something he wants.. for a long time. An xbox 360 is currently sitting in our TV room .. and no.. i donch believe in getting any system for $1K for whatever reason, unless of course we strike lottery and become a millionaire. But as of now.. we only … [Read more…]

Cleaning The Store

I’m sharing my home vacuum with the store, not because we are stingy to get another one.. but because each time we get an upright and bagless one, they just don’t last at all. Plus for the amount of money we spent so far on vacuum cleaner.. and only have them work for a little … [Read more…]

Shopping For The Man

The man does not like to dress up, not even for work. I’ve told him time and again, that the old chinese saying goes “people first see what you are dressed in.. before seeing you as a person”. Even buying shirts and pants, i need to keep harping at him.. to go get some extras … [Read more…]

Gifts Of Love

My mom loves buying jewelry as gift. She claims and firmly believes that nobody can resist a piece of beautifully made jewelry. She believes in giving gifts with value, if that make any sense to you. So each time we have a wedding or a celebration of a new born, jewelry it is. Necklaces are … [Read more…]

Man & Their Toys

Every Sunday when visiting my in-laws.. the first thing that greets us is the sight of my brother-in-law fixing his 4 wheeler or my father-in-law’s truck or car or something. That man just love to get dirty.. ! and all he ever wants for Christmas are body shop supplies. Yes, you heard me right..! that … [Read more…]

A Better Monitor

Two years ago during Christmas, the man wanted to upgrade and buy himself a new monitor, of course there are loads of it in the market, so being the techie in our household and of course an owner to a computer store, he did a little research and what do you know.. ! He chose … [Read more…]