Wearing Personalities

As far as i am concerned.. babies and toddlers are cute whatever they put on.. but to wear their personalities.. or moods on their t-shirts are just the best ever inventions. Baby clothes needs to be super soft because babies are so fragile and their skin are so soft .. you really don’t want to … [Read more…]

Baby Product Reviews

As a mummy to a young toddler, I remember those early days where I had to make decisions as to what were the best buy for my daughter, from her receiving blankets, to the milk she takes and what she uses, on my own. My spouse, her daddy would just say.. “it’s up to you” … [Read more…]

Smart Shopper

Shopping smart is what we women do best. Tell me which woman who doesn’t love a good bargain.. a good sale.. or a discounted item. Even my grandmother loves to buy things only when they are a great buy. And women are just such smart creatures.. i’ll have to say we sniff out the best. … [Read more…]

Holiday Cheers

Christmas is just round the corner and with nieces and nephews in the United States.. you can be sure.. that I would need to spend some money buying some gifts for them. Afterall, Christmas is a huge even here in the West. For those like me, who very much depend on promo codes, when we … [Read more…]

PowerShot A560 Digital Cameras

Our digital camera is ready to retire, we bought it about 3 yrs ago, when my daughter was born. I don’t think I can survived without a digital camera because I take pictures of my daughter and my surroundings ALOT..! I’m the snap Queen..! I take pictures of everything. Luckily, we now have digital cameras, … [Read more…]