Easter Gifts

As I’m sure you all know by now, that I’ve so  many great friends from around the world and some in this town.  So during Easter, we try to get some things for the kids.  This year, I was able to return the kindness of a girlfriend from Malaysia – she had been so good … [Read more…]

Kid’s Cutlery From Advertiser

I complained to my private advertiser from USA about not finding the right cutlery for Chloe to bring to school for lunch because the only ones I could find were for babies or toddlers.  So guess what arrived in the mail this morning at the store?  2 sets of cutlery for Chloe! woohoo!!  I’m indeed … [Read more…]

Gifts From Advertiser

I did a review on a night cream for an advertiser in the States and today I received a surprise gift from them.  I wasn’t expecting it because they had already paid me for the video review and beauty products are a sure hit with all my readers on my youtube channel.  But they were … [Read more…]