Halloween Prep

PB preparing for Halloween too.. but because Chloe was quite upset with the mask, he didn’t put it on for me. PB loves Halloween.. ! he is into Halloween than any other holidays. He taste is definitely quite different from his appearance and his demeanor. See .. when ppl say.. looks can be deceiving..?? i … [Read more…]

Another Nice Sunday

We had a really nice sunday today. My fibroids was still acting up.. but we went shopping.. and bought more groceries.. and bought stuff for chloe to prepare for the fall. More warm clothings.. for the lil’ brat. And then we headed out to Misha’s for lunch. Was a very good lunch.. i had something … [Read more…]

The Man Is Good

My fibroids had been acting up for the last couple of days.. and if you noticed.. i haven’t been talking much to anyone… because of it. Painkiller helped a wee bit.. but not much this time. PB had been a great help.. he cooked.. he washed.. he folded the laundry.. vacuum the house.. and changed … [Read more…]

Master Procrastinator

Both of sunglasses and my spare glasses had been sitting in the car dashboard for almost a year. Why you asked..?? Because the screw came out for the sunglass and the spare glasses, the handle just came off one day. Luckily I have other glasses and sunglasses.. so it didn’t bother me.. that we didn’t … [Read more…]

Honda Parts & Accessories

Honda is our first ever Japanese branded vehicle to be Manufactured in Japan. Owning a Honda Accord for many years, it has served us pretty well. I choose the Honda Accord because it was considered a success both in the USA and in Asia. Every where you go on the road, you’ll see a Honda … [Read more…]

Garbage Police

Coming to Canada is a real eye opener .. for me… because they do things differently from us.. in Asia. Now going on holiday .. is not the same ok..! not the same like staying put for years and years. For one, the garbage is dispose differently here. In Asia.. we’ve forgotten to count our … [Read more…]

Two Meals In A Week

Yes.. and it’s only the beginning of the week.. and PB already cooked two meals for the brat .. because i’m having my menses. .and the first 2 days.. is always bad. So being the good Papa .. he doesn’t really like the brat to eat too many outside food, he cooked beef stew for … [Read more…]