Immigration In Canada

I’ve been meaning to talk about this for a long time. It is for the benefit of those .. who are thinking of migrating to Canada. You’ve heard alot of horror stories.. about migrating to Canada .. ?? Well to tell you the truth.. immigration and its ppl in immigration has been nothing but good … [Read more…]

Ang Moh No Blame

One thing good about the ang moh hor.. is that they never blame the wife.. if the child is naughty. Most chinese man i know.. like my father lah.. and my grandfather.. and even my brothers.. they blame the woman/wife.. if the kid/s is naughty. This morning.. the brat of ours.. was cranking up.. and … [Read more…]

XP Upgrade

Woohoo..!! after using Windows98 for so long.. i’m finally able to upgrade to XP…! Ya.. ya.. i’m slow.. and lazy.. and complacent..! call what you may.. but my philosophy in life is very simple. As long as it works.. i donch really wanna go bother or change anything. But my hard drive was dying.. so … [Read more…]