Beef Combo

PB & I had this a few days ago. We ordered another wanton soup .. so that i can have more food.. to go with my lunch. Lunch is usually late for us.. at about 4pm. The chicken balls.. i didn’t touched.. but i had the rice with broccoli. The beef and broccoli was so-so.. … [Read more…]

Swiss Chalet

I had almost forgotten about this quarter chicken that we had at Swiss Chalet last week before coming home. I think it’s too forgetable..?? therefore i had forgotten..?? Well.. the chicken.. and the potatoes.. were mediocre.. and the roll suxs. We had asked them to bring out the rolls first.. but the rolls came with … [Read more…]

I’m SuperWoman..??

Sometimes.. i cannot help but think i am a SuperWoman too.. hahhahahaha!! Ok.. ok.. i’m blowing my own trumpet..! Only had 4hrs of sleep the nite before, came to the store.. for 5.5hrs.. in the meantime.. fed the brat.. gave her snacks in between. Nursed a headache..!! and a bad tummy. Went home .. stopped … [Read more…]

Victoria’s Day

It’s Victoria’s Day today in Canada… but of course like all holidays in Canada.. and for the Canadians it starts on Friday .. the week before. Yup.. the banks are closed.. the government office are closed.. the courts are closed.. and even the cops .. are nowhere to be seen..! On holiday too..?? hahhahaha!! Well.. … [Read more…]

Bodoh ker..??

You would think that since your spouse love crunching on ice so much.. and since there is a tray emptied.. and your spouse was still sleeping.. you would be kind enough to fill up the ice tray right..?? Nope.. !! of course not.. !!! He would rather .. buat “bodoh” .. then to fill up … [Read more…]