New Hair Color

So I finally found time to go get my hair colored.  When you are 49, all that silvery white hair starts popping out everywhere, so after several attempts to get it done at the hair salon, I found time to really do it. Loved my new hair color, a little bit reddish right now but … [Read more…]

FundRaiser Winners

This year we didn’t raise as much as we did the previous years * hang my head in shame*.  We’ve collected a total of $364 only but I want to thank all of you who’ve helped and supported Chloe’s school fundraiser.   God bless you and yours richly!


Thank God for wonderful neighbors in the neighborhood and a friend who moved down the road from us recently.  It’s wonderful to be surrounded by good people and good children in the neighborhood.  Chloe gets many play dates with our new neighbor/friend and I cannot thank God enough for them. They come over often too … [Read more…]

I’m So Proud

I’m so proud to call you friends  because it seems that only my friends back home can understand the humor like the poster above.  My g/f has a kid who has Asperger and instead of wallowing, she had taken time to educate the teachers/principal in her kid’s school and help mothers with kids like hers. … [Read more…]