Foggy Town

Yup.. this was our weather for Thursday. Although not too cold.. but still foggy. While the rest of Asia.. and the United States is experiencing summer weather.. here i am .. still wearing a thick sweater.. and the brat is layered everyday.. at least 3 .. if in the store.. and 4 .. when she … [Read more…]

New Century Restaurant

There is hope for me..!! the new chinese restaurant is opened.. and the menu looks promising..!! They do have duck.. but gotta order 1 day in advance. They got a Szechuan Specialties in the menu.. i just hope it is not canadianized.. now that would be disappointing.. if it was. Nope i haven’t eaten there … [Read more…]

Cracked Windows

The window at the store.. had been cracked since winter.. but because of the winter.. the window-fixers were unable to do anything.. till today. Because of the weather .. and our building being so old.. the windows get shifted.. and when it warms up.. it sorta expands.. and contracts… and therefore we suspect that was … [Read more…]


Can be found on Gator Byte’s website the below.. updated on the 1st May 2007. “Shocking news today, I received a letter from the Yarmouth Court which included a cheque for $30 restitution from Tara & Avery (2 of our shoplifters from over a year ago). So, I guess things some eventually do get settled. … [Read more…]