No Tax Sale

Big day for us today.. ! coz’ this is our first no tax sale in almost 8 yrs of business..!! Yes… ppl started streaming in before we were even opened at noon..!! Wow..!! Expecting a busy day.. and so far.. it has been busy..!! The weather out there.. foggy..! Bummer..!! but i guess it’s best.. … [Read more…]

Bee Hoon

I have been eating alot of bee hoon lately. It all started .. after i found out.. how easy it was to cook beehoon. I have soupy beehoon.. fried beehoon.. beehoon with tom yum paste. I am gonna try satay beehoon soon.. 😉 Bee hoon is also cheap here.. i can find them at the … [Read more…]

It’s Raining

Yup.. it’s still very windy outside.. !! i had to fight against the wind.. to walk from the carpark to the store. But you know what…??!!?? it is so good to be out..! We have so much fun at the store.. where our regular customer/s would stop in just to chat.. and have fun. Now … [Read more…]

We’re Home

Chloe & I are home today.. because she didn’t sleep the whole nite. And we had already told her.. that she wouldn’t be going to the store.. if she continues waking up a few times during the nite. Plus PB had her for the whole day .. last nite.. so i wanted to give him … [Read more…]