Password Protected

My blog entries are password protected .. because i’ve got MOUNTAIN TURTLES in this little town that i’m living in, who are so “kaypoh” .. and want to know everything i do.. and then misconstrued them, and churned out a totally different story altogether. My blog entries are password protected .. because I’ve got a … [Read more…]

Freaking Weather 3

This is freaking unbelieveable..!! snowing in April..!!! Been snowing since last nite at 9pm. PB had said.. it would last.. but it’s blowing so hard.. there must be 2cm of snow accumulated so far. What a bummer..!! More money to heat the store.. and home..! &&&&*^*&^*&^%%%_**_^^_(*$ Updated: Pictures taken on Easter Day.

How Ulu..??

If you are wondering how “ulu” this little town i am in.. i just have to tell you this.. and you will fully understand. Newpaper of local news can be gotten only once a week on a Tuesday.. and there is only one local paper around. So yes.. you heard right.. !! one newspaper.. once … [Read more…]

Hair & Its shop

When i first came to this town.. i visit a pretty popular hair shop in this town. I must say.. it’s very nice.. and cozy.. but one thing funny .. is that .. they donch like to blow dry your hair.. if you have straight hair. All these years.. when i have a hair wash.. … [Read more…]