Shopping For The Man

The man does not like to dress up, not even for work. I’ve told him time and again, that the old chinese saying goes “people first see what you are dressed in.. before seeing you as a person”. Even buying shirts and pants, i need to keep harping at him.. to go get some extras … [Read more…]

Gifts Of Love

My mom loves buying jewelry as gift. She claims and firmly believes that nobody can resist a piece of beautifully made jewelry. She believes in giving gifts with value, if that make any sense to you. So each time we have a wedding or a celebration of a new born, jewelry it is. Necklaces are … [Read more…]

Man & Their Toys

Every Sunday when visiting my in-laws.. the first thing that greets us is the sight of my brother-in-law fixing his 4 wheeler or my father-in-law’s truck or car or something. That man just love to get dirty.. ! and all he ever wants for Christmas are body shop supplies. Yes, you heard me right..! that … [Read more…]

Investing For The Future

For 10 of years, we hear the Americans coming to Canada to buy summer homes and investing in properties in Canada. With the loonie on all time high currently, I am sure.. Canadians like us… are seriously thinking of also investing for our future. Afterall, this is the best time ..?? no..?? Arizona real estate, … [Read more…]

Health & Fitness

The man is into riding his bike for health reasons. After turning 30, i think he puts on weight alot easier, usually if the weather is cold, he exercises on the stationary bike that we have at home but during the summer.. and late spring, he would be jolly about bringing out his mountain bike … [Read more…]

Cozy & Affordable

Taking vacations need not be expensive and one need not stay in 5 star hotels. I say this because Bed and Breakfast are not only popular in the Western part but they are so much more affordable and personable. The Asian hospitality is not seen in big hotels here in the United States and Canada … [Read more…]

A Better Monitor

Two years ago during Christmas, the man wanted to upgrade and buy himself a new monitor, of course there are loads of it in the market, so being the techie in our household and of course an owner to a computer store, he did a little research and what do you know.. ! He chose … [Read more…]

Wearing Personalities

As far as i am concerned.. babies and toddlers are cute whatever they put on.. but to wear their personalities.. or moods on their t-shirts are just the best ever inventions. Baby clothes needs to be super soft because babies are so fragile and their skin are so soft .. you really don’t want to … [Read more…]

Paris City Breaks

A girlfriend who was recently married .. this year.. just came home from her honeymoon to Paris. Flying from Detroit into Paris, well actually she flew from Richmond to Detroit – a 90mins flight and then from Detroit to Paris. Taking one of those Paris City Breaks, Paris is undeniably the most beautiful and dynamic … [Read more…]

Garden Furnishing

Living in Canada is wonderful because we always gets lots of land with our house. And like any Canadians .. we love the outdoors very much. The BBQs .. and the evening get together during those summery nights are things we look forward to .. every summer. It is really a great way to stay … [Read more…]